Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck


What is EverYellow?

EverYellow is a groundbreaking mental fitness app with a proven track record: over 96% of users see mental function improvement within a week. For employers, it also offers:

  1. Anonymized Chat Interface: Enhances Employee Assistance Program (EAP) engagement by providing a confidential communication platform, reducing mental health stigma or fear.

  2. Algorithmic Wellbeing Insights: Offers real-time, unbiased insights into employee wellbeing, enabling proactive mental health support without disrupting daily activities.

EverYellow combines individual mental fitness improvement with strategic organizational benefits, positioning itself as an essential tool for modern workplaces.

Who is EverYellow for?

EverYellow is designed for forward-thinking, outcome-driven employers. It's an ideal fit for organizations that prioritize efficacy and are continuously on the lookout for innovative approaches to boost workplace wellbeing and employee engagement. These employers understand the direct link between mental fitness and superior organizational results, making EverYellow a strategic tool in their arsenal for achieving and maintaining a healthy, productive, and engaged workforce.

What problem does EverYellow solve?

EverYellow directly addresses the concerns of outcome-driven people leaders grappling with workforce burnout, stress, and employee turnover. Status quo solutions often fall short, offering more promise than results. Over 96% of wellbeing apps are abandoned within 14 days. EverYellow stands apart as a reliable, proven solution that effectively tackles these challenges, delivering genuine measurable impact where others fail.

Can EverYellow be used by individuals?

Yes. EverYellow is available to individuals through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We offer an always free basic version as well as a premium subscription.

Who's behind EverYellow?

Alan Cox, Founder and CEO

Andrew Plimmer, Partnerships Director

Dr Annette Beautrais, Clinical Advisor

Sage Gwatkin, Technology

I haven't gone through the pitch deck. What's it about?

The pitch deck has information about EverYellow, the market and critical statistics. We are constantly updating this information that might benefit future partners and investors.

What are some key stats I should know about?

  • Over 3,000 users worldwide

  • 96% of new users measurably improve within 7 days

  • 14 day retention rate 52%


For partnership and investment inquiries, please contact hello@everyellow.com